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SMS marketing is a great way to reach your clients and increase your sales.
Text messaging offers the possibility to communicate with a defined target at a defined time.

This ensures that you can deliver a message wherever the recipient is, and the recipient can react instantly.

In order to ensure an efficient and secure mass distribution, it is recommended to use a sending platform such as Textitute.

Its powerful and very easy to use interface allows you to send mass text messages. Texting allows both to communicate instantly but also to acquire more customers.

Indeed, its flexibility and immediacy make it particularly effective. Set up as part of a marketing campaign, text messaging can only maximize the reach and impact of your message.

👇 Here's how Textitute can grow your business quickly

Textitute is a very powerful tool to grow your business because it helps you reach your customers in the most effective way.

1. Create a list and choose a keyword

The first step is to create a new list and choose a keyword.

When people text your keyword to your Textitute phone number, they will receive your autoresponder message and then, will be added to your list as a subscriber.

Once you set this up, the process will be fully automated.

Your subscribers list will grow and you’ll be able to send text messages to the whole list instantly in the future.

As simple as that! 👏

1. Create a list and choose a keyword
2. Promote your keywords

2. Promote your keywords

Once your list has been created, it is now time to promote an interesting offer in order to entice your customers to text your keyword.

The most effective way is to create posters and flyers that will be visible to your customers, directly in your establishment.

You can also use social networks, your website, radio, newspapers, etc.

🧠 Use your creativity to find the best way to acquire well-targeted subscribers who will be interested in your future offers, sent via text messages using Textitute.

3. Watch your lists grow

👀 Follow the progress of your campaigns in the Contacts section of Textitute.

Also note that with Textitute, you can create an infinite number of subscriber lists.

So you will be able to plan all the campaigns you want, with no additional fees.

When you have gathered enough subscribers in a list, you can now send them a text message

Let's Go! 🔥

3. Watch your lists grow
4. Send messages to your subscribers

4. Send messages to your subscribers

With Textitute, it is very simple to send a message to an entire list of subscribers.

To do so, go to Send, select the list, compose your message and press Send.

That's all, your message will be sent to all subscribers of your list! 🚀

🤔 Is it expensive? HELL NO!

We have plans at a variety of prices to meet the needs of small to large projects.
You'll be able to upgrade your plan at any time, no need to pay too much if you don't need to!

Textitute Plan - Starter


CAN$ 9 / monthly
  • 200 Messages*
  • Dedicated Number
  • Unlimited Contact Lists
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Inbox and Outbox
  • Fully Customizable Autoresponder
  • Email and Live Chat Support
Textitute Plan - Basic


CAN$ 19 / monthly
  • 1500 Messages*
  • Dedicated Number
  • Unlimited Contact Lists
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Inbox and Outbox
  • Fully Customizable Autoresponder
  • Email and Live Chat Support

*A sent or received SMS counts as 1 message.

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